Collection: The Ultimate Zoro Collectibles Mini Katanas Collectibles

Collect One Piece's Roronoa Zoro's 25 cm and 30 cm Mini Katanas

All Katana Details:

  1. Enma- The legendary purple sword. One of the 21 Great Grade Swords (Ō Wazamono) that was able to hurt Kaido.

  2. Shusui- A black blade sword and also one of the 21 Great Grade Swords. [Spoiler Alert ⚠️] It is a prized national treasure of the Wano Country.

  3. Sandai Kitetsu- Said to be a Cursed Sword (Yoto). Yes, it's THAT Sword. The legendary cursed sword that Zoro acquired in Loguetown by testing it's curse against his luck.
  4. Yubashiri- One of the 50 Skillful Grade swords that Ipponmotsu gifted to Zoro for his grit and guts.

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